Year 10 SENECA Home Learning


Dear Parent/Carer,

Please find below details from Ms Kowalczyk about a new learning resource we have put in place for all of our Year 10 students. If you have child/ren in other year groups, we are trialling this with Year 10 to see how successful it is.  We will then look at rolling it out for the rest of the school.

Yours faithfully 

Jenni Tyler-Maher

Executive Head Teacher

Senaca Learning is now available at Cleeve Park School for core subjects. This gives your child access to free interactive courses. These courses will allow your child to review the work they have studied so far in their GCSEs.

The courses contain content that your child will need to read prior to attempting the quizzes. They won’t need to use Senaca for long to see the impact; in fact, consistent use of just 10-minute chunks is proven to support achievement. The courses are mapped to the curriculum.

Your child will need to create an account here 

Miss Tangi has already posted on Ruler a set of instructions for students to support them with this. We recommend that you discuss Senaca with your son or daughter to ensure that they have successfully created their accounts. They must ensure that when they sign up they use their school email account and name their school as Cleeve Park

If you have any questions regarding Senaca please contact Miss Tangi on who is our Y10 Senaca Lead for the school.

We’re looking forward to helping your child get the best from this new resource!

Yours faithfully

Mrs Kowalczyk